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Flu Vaccinations

Seasonal influenza (flu) can be a serious disease, especially for vulnerable people or those with underlying health conditions. Eligible groups are encouraged to get their free flu vaccination every year but, with COVID-19 still in circulation, it is particularly important to protect the most vulnerable from the flu virus and thereby reduce the number of people needing flu treatment from the NHS.

All patients aged 65 and over are eligible for a flu vaccination here at the surgery. Patients under this age who have certain medical conditions are also eligible. This includes people with serious heart, respiratory, kidney or liver disease, people with chronic neurological conditions or diabetes, people who are pregnant and those with lowered immunity due to disease or treatment. Household contacts of immunosuppressed individuals for whom continuing close contact is unavoidable are also advised to have a flu vaccination.

It is also advised that children are immunised against seasonal influenza. The vast majority of children will be offered a flu vaccine called Fluenz Tetra. This is a needle-free vaccine given by a quick, simple and painless spray up the nose. There are, however, a small number of children for whom this particular vaccine will not be suitable and a needle-based flu vaccination may be necessary instead. The Practice Nurse will review this with you. Vaccinating your child will not only help protect your child against flu but will also help to protect more vulnerable friends and family by preventing its spread. 

All eligible patients will receive an invitation via either text message, letter or phone call to book a flu vaccination appointment here at the surgery. If you haven’t received an invitation and think that you might be eligible, please contact us. Please note, the NHS has changed the criteria this year with regards to healthy patients aged 50 – 64. In previous years, these patients have been eligible but this flu season (September 2023 to March 2024), this cohort of patients are not being invited. If you fall into this category, you can still have a flu vaccine at your local pharmacy for a small fee. 

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