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Gatecroft, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP3 9LY

Telephone: 01442 263 511

The surgery is now closed. If you require medical assistance, please contact NHS 111 or, in an emergency, 999.

Welcome to our new website!  We hold the Purple Star Award. We are an Armed Forces veteran friendly accredited GP Practice. 

Clinics & Services

We provide a full General Practice service and offer patients specialist advice and support in the following areas:

Carers Health Check Clinic

Bennetts End Surgery is continuing to offer its patient carers an annual Carers’ Health Check. We encourage our patient carers to request an appointment for an annual Carers’ Health Check with the nurse.

If you would like to speak to someone at the practice about being a carer, please ask to speak to Dawn, our Carers’ Champion. The Surgery is keen to improve its identification of and support for unpaid carers, so we would be pleased to hear your suggestions as to how we may be able to assist.

Additionally, the Surgery will be engaging with NHS England and NHS Improvement’s “Supporting carers in general practice: a framework of quality markers”, first published in June 2019, as a model of good practice to follow in giving its patient carers greater recognition and support.

Cervical Smears

Appointments for cervical smears are available Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. We have a range of early morning and late afternoon appointments for those who need to attend outside of working hours. You will receive a letter to invite you to book an appointment for a cervical smear, so please wait for this before contacting the surgery. 

Child Health Surveillance (CHS) Clinic

When a baby is born, the hospital sends a discharge summary to the GP surgery where the mother is registered. We will register the child automatically, unless the parents request otherwise. A member of the admin team will contact you to book the CHS (8-week check) appointment with a doctor. CHS clinics are run by Dr McFarlane, Dr Trivedy, Dr Condell and Dr Knowlden. 

An appointment with a nurse will be booked for the same day for the first set of childhood immunisations. Due to the vaccinations given at this appointment, the CHS appointment cannot take place before a baby is 8 weeks old. During this nurse’s appointment, the practice nurse will book an appointment for 4 weeks’ time for the second set of vaccinations. CHS and immunisation clinics typically run on a Monday and Thursday afternoon, although occasionally on a Friday afternoon.

Coil Clinic

Bennetts End Surgery holds a dedicated fortnightly clinic on a Thursday morning for patients who wish to have a coil (intrauterine device or IUD) fitted or removed. Patients are required to have an initial consultation with one of the specially-qualified doctors who offer the service, which takes place over the phone. Coil clinics are run by Dr McFarlane (f), Dr Brazier (f), Dr Osuagwu (f) and Dr Condell (f).

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Clinic

By making some simple lifestyle changes, you can reduce your risk of getting CHD. If you already have heart disease, you can take steps to reduce your risk of developing further heart related problems. Patients with CHD will be invited to an annual review appointment.

Dermoscopy Clinic

We hold a dedicated weekly clinic on a Wednesday afternoon for patients who have moles or skin lesions that need examining. The clinic is run by Dr Crane (f), Dr Trivedy (m) and Dr Knowlden (m), all of whom are expertly trained in dermoscopy. 

Diabetic Clinic

Our specialist diabetes team will provide you with support, regular reviews and the day to day care of your needs. Patients will be invited to an annual review appointment with a nurse for part one of the diabetic review. At this appointment, blood tests, observations and a foot check will be undertaken. A follow-up telephone consultation with the patient’s usual GP will be booked for part two of the annual review. During this appointment, the GP will review the blood test results and medication.  

Postnatal Clinic

When a patient gives birth, the hospital sends a discharge summary to their registered GP surgery. A member of the admin team will contact you to book a postnatal appointment for approximately 6 weeks after you’ve given birth. Postnatal clinics are run by Dr McFarlane, Dr Crane, Dr Osuagwu and Dr Condell. 

Travel Clinic

Our Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad (MASTA) Travel Clinic offers personally tailored travel information and health advice to any traveller. Our e-clinic provides up-to-date information with regard to vaccination requirements to more than 260 countries and the individual recommendations for travellers with multiple and complicated travel arrangements can be compiled very quickly. The e-clinic is updated daily from local information and includes Foreign Office and Commonwealth Office advice as well as general health data.

The tariff for immunisations and anti-malarial products is uniform throughout MASTA .

Before travelling overseas, it is important to be aware of the possible health risks and how to prevent problems or minimise the chances of them occurring. Most importantly, you should know:

  • Whether there are any specific health risks in the country you are travelling to for which you need to take precautions, for example malaria.
  • How to avoid becoming ill when you are abroad.
  • What to do if you do become ill when you are abroad.
  • How to get emergency medical treatment when you are abroad

Our travel services offer advice on travel illnesses and a full range of vaccinations. If you are travelling abroad you will need to start thinking about your travel vaccinations 4-6 weeks before you are due to leave as some vaccinations can take time to become effective.

From April 2024, we are reopening our Travel Clinic. We will be holding two clinics per week on a Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. Clinics will be run by Nurses Alison, Emma and Natalie, and Dr Osuagwu and Dr Varsani. All clinicians who run the Travel Clinic have undertaken appropriate 2-day training to do so and update their knowledge on a regular basis. Bennetts End Surgery holds Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre status.  

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